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Gauntlet- Armory-18
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Event Details

Format: Blitz

When: Monday July 26th. 8:00pm Eastern Time events starts, arrive in Discord 15 mins early.

Where: Discord https://discord.gg/dAWcXh3K38

Format Swiss - X rounds and time permitting cut to Top 8.

EVENT LINK - Discord Link - https://discord.gg/dAWcXh3K38

Webcam Please test video and audio prior as no time will be allotted for last minutes adjustments. This event will be run through GEM Players will be manually added to GEM ~1hour before the event. This must be completed prior to the event start.

NOTE: By purchasing an event ticket and participating in this event, one consents to all gameplay/matches being streamed and recorded or used however seen fit.

NOTE: No Refunds Will be Issued if you cannot attend the event.


Winner: 1 Unlimited Box of Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising, or Monarch and Discord "Champion" Role in the main FaB discord  

Participation Prize: 1 Random box from WTR/ARC/MON UNL

First 20 Sign-ups! - 10 pack random packs from WTR/ARC/MON


*outside of US pays shipping or gets cash prize

Stream Link: www:twitch.tv/fabdiscord